Siddha Self Initiation

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About Course

Learn the most hidden Tantric technique of the Himalayan Siddhas to:

  1. Directly connect to Lord Shiva, the first Guru, and invoke His grace
  2. To start your personal journey to find your true Guru in physical form

This is the same technique mentioned in the scriptures that Ma Parvati performed to please Bhagawan Shiva so as to have Him as Her Guru and Her husband.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Learn to connect with Bhagawan Shiva and his traditions of Himalayan Siddhas
    There is a proper way to connect with Bhagawan Shiva and His traditions of Himalayan Siddhas. It is so simple that it usually remains unnoticed like a fish taking the enriched water of a pond for granted. The most trustworthy way is to use your own energy to directly connect with Bhagawan Shiva. Here is the ‘how to(s)’ of the same passed on to you through Mantra Sadhana.
  2. Learn to perform the “Panchopachar Puja” and mantra sadhana of the Siddhas
    Before performing the mantra sadhana, one has to perform various forms of rituals. One of them is “Panchopachara Puja”. It is the basic form of worship where deepa, dhoopa, pushpa, jala, and fala are used for the ritual. It is also about using ‘Panchmahabhoot’ for worship.
  3. Learn the right pronunciation of the “ĀTMA DĪKŚĀ” Deeksha mantra.
    Mantra is incomplete without initiation. Initiation empowers the mantra. While each word of any mantra has its unique pronunciation. The mantra is based on the unique pronunciation of its words (beej mantras). Each beej mantra has its meaning and that meaning guides your sub-conscience to manifest the purpose of the mantra.
  4. Get “ĀTMA DĪKŚĀ” pdf book with this course.
    This course comes with an ‘ĀTMA DĪKŚĀ’ pdf so that you know the basics behind the ritual modules and the deeksha. This book explains in brief about the ‘Self-Initiation’ deeksha and other aspects related to the deeksha

This course is specially designed for the ones who want to pursue Bhagawan Shiva’s Himalayan Siddha tradition. Special attention has been paid to keep this course as simple as possible. The rituals prescribed in this course can be concluded in a few hours. From the very next day, post your ritual is complete, it is simply about mantra chanting for a minimum duration of 21-days.

Ma Shivagni Nath will be guiding you through the ritual and the nuances of various aspects of Deeksha. It is of paramount importance to do things in the exact way when it comes to Tantric rituals. While the pdf provided, contains vital information about the deeksha. It explains the theoretical part of the deeksha together with the practical and subtle benefits of the same.

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