Ancestral Sadhana



Express your love and make the ones who have passed away feel loved through the Tantric Technique of the Himalayan Siddhas:

  1. Where do the ones who passed away from earth reside? Is there a way you can help your loved ones in their afterlife? Connect with your loved ones (who passed away) and offer them love in a way that they receive in the dimension where they reside.
  2. Express gratitude to the seven generations of your ancestors of both- your father’s and your mother’s side.
  3. Unlock the grace of your ancestors. Free yourself of ‘Pitri Dosh’ through the same ‘Ancestral Sadhna’.

This is the same Sadhna that Lord Shiva performed, at all the Shakti Peeths, for Devi Sati, after She left Her body through Her Yogagni.

Learn to connect with your ancestors
Most people know only the Shastrokt vidhi to do ancestral ritual for their ancestors wherein only males can perform it. While many do not even know any kind of technique to do anything to remember their ancestors apart from shedding tears in their loving memory. In this simple Ancestral Sadhna, that has been passed on from time immemorial by the Himalayan Siddhas and which is universal for anyone in the entire human race (irrespective of race, sex, caste, culture); learn to express your gratitude and love for the seven generations of your ancestors of both your father’s and mother’s side and for anyone who have passed away. If the death is recent, this is all the more powerful to aid them in their journey in the afterlife.

  1. Unlock the grace of your ancestors who reside in the higher dimension than of the ‘Prithvi Lok’
    Learn in detail about the dimension of the ones who passed away from the earth’s dimension and when the doors of the same open for you to offer them things through the ritual of Ancestral Sadhna. Also learn the mantric prayer to obtain the blessings of your ancestral for your holistic well-being.
  2. Free Your Ancestors from the Lower Darker Dimensions
    Get to know the powerful mantras to free your ancestors from a lower dimension so that they can ascend to the higher dimension. Although, we want to tell you that this is only a possibility in few cases and not a certainty in all the cases. But the powerful mantras will benefit all the ancestors collectively to aid them in their rebirth at a better place than it would be and which will benefit your well-being and the well-being of your entire family.
  3. Get the ‘Ancestral Sadhna’ e-book
    This course comes with a short e-book in the pdf format on ‘Ancestral Sadhna’ with detailed aspects around the ancestral Sadhna and significance of the same.

This course is specially designed for the ones who want to pursue Lord Shiva’s Himalayan Siddha tradition. Special attention has been paid to keep this course as simple as possible. The rituals prescribed in this course can be concluded in a few hours.

Ma Shivagni Nath will be guiding you through the ritual, the nuances of various aspects of ‘Ancestral Sadhna’ together with the practical and the subtle benefits of each aspect of the ritual . It is of paramount importance to do things in the exact way when it comes to Tantric rituals. While the e-book provided, contains vital information about the ‘Ancestral Sadhna’. It explains the theoretical part of the ‘Pitri Sadhna’.